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Thistledown’s original, dynamic blend of subtle elements – described by some as “modern celtic” – is the result of an organic evolution, mixing folk, rock, punk and classical influences with heartfelt lyrics, telling the story of the area and the characters that have influenced the members’ lives.

Lead singers Loz Fancourt and Nathan Laurence have been performing contemporary original folk music, separately and together, at several local festivals and venues in the Swansea area. Thistledown’s sound has been shaped by Loz and Nathan’s collaborations with several local musicians over the past few years, including Jamie Nemeth (Henry Marten’s Ghost, Bigfoot), Adam Carter (Nucleus), James Beck and Josh Ace (Ringolevio, Chineapple Punks).

The five-piece line-up include Loz (guitar, lead vocals), Nathan (guitar, mandola, flute, lead vocals), Jamie (fiddle), Adam (drums, backing vocals), and Billy Morris on bass guitar.

“Terrific fresh new sound – keep your eyes & ears on this band. They could really take off. ”  – Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales

“Intelligent, Acoustic led pop folk ready for any occasion. Gorgeous.” –  Aaron Phillips, Amazing Radio

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  1. February 20, 2013 1:16 am

    hi guys good to see you are ahead of me and have already put the date when you are at the farm on your website! you look very busy at the moment but any chance you can pop up and have a chat about timings and have a look around to get your bearings on our site….see if we need to get stuff beforehand etc.?

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